Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas next-gen remake is coming, claims leaker


A prominent member of the Grand Theft Auto community, regarded by many as a reliable leaker of inside information, has just teased something very exciting for fans of Rockstar Games’ primary franchise.

Reports originally surfaced last month of Rockstar planning to remaster the iconic GTA: San Andreas, and the known leaker Mach1bud added fuel to the fire with a cryptic “soon” message in a seemingly insignificant thread.

After a fellow user observed that Mach may be leaking the wrong thread, his response confirmed it was intentional, as it would’ve been too obvious had he posted the information in the correct thread.

Tags of GTA III, GTA: VC and GTA: SA were added soon after.

These tags hinted to remastering on a wider scale, suggesting that along with CJ, Claude and Tommy Vercetti, could also be returning in HD through GTA III and GTA: Vice City respectively.

From then on, most speculation centred around an upcoming announcement of a remastered collection was around the corner, with an updated game engine allowing the classic titles to reap the benefits of modern gaming performance.


A rather new, lesser known leaker also emerged recently, claiming to have exclusive details regarding the long anticipated GTA VI, most notably a supposed 2023 release date.

This leaker had also mentioned an anniversary regarding San Andreas after being pushed during a Reddit AMA.

While no more than just mere speculation at present, the prospect of remastering sounds very exciting for any fan of the GTA series.

Here’s hoping Rockstar can deliver and appease the fans until one day, eventually, GTA VI is released.

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