Lewis Hamilton contract: Salary isn't causing Mercedes delay


Recently appointed Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali was keen to calm F1 fans this week after questions were raised as to why Lewis Hamilton, the current World Champion, has still not signed a new contract for the upcoming season, just five weeks away. 

Hamilton, who equalled F1 legend Michael Schumacher’s record seven world titles last year, has the opportunity to set a new record with an eighth title this time around and will be many fans’ favourite for topping the podium. 

Despite this, the new season is fast approaching and Hamilton still finds himself without a team for pre-season testing in Bahrain which starts on March 2. 

There is, however, no great concern that a deal will not be finalised between Hamilton and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, and rumours have been circulating that there is already a verbal agreement in place between the two parties. In fact, Wolff recently remarked that the deal would come ‘soon’, despite the delay in a deal being finalised. 

It is inevitable after the delay in signing a deal that there will be speculation over what is taking the parties so long, but F1 boss Stefano Domenicali has revealed that it’s not the salary that is holding things up, which will put fans’ minds at ease and create hope that Hamilton will be signed on with Mercedes once again very soon

Domenicali was quoted by RaceFans as saying: “I think they are discussing a lot of points.

I don’t think that is only a point related to his salary or whatever you call it. I think it’s really more related to what they have in mind to share together in the future. I think that’s the reason why.


Hamilton can be forgiven for considering his future in his negotiations. At 36, his retirement is surely a consideration in the coming years and he will want to have as much clarity over his role in the future with Mercedes as possible.

In fact, rushing contracts has not ended well for drivers in the past. Sebastian Vettel will know this after signing with Ferrari in 2015 at the height of his success, a deal which resulted in a complete lack of world titles for the German. Hamilton will do well to take his time in order to get the best possible deal for his future.

Domenicali continued: “But maybe they are not in a rush because they have already decided it’s all okay. We never know.

“For me, it would be really good to see, as soon as we have the announcement, Lewis with the energy that he has been always giving to F1. And I’m sure that will be.” 

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Domenicali’s unphased attitude in responding to the delay should put the minds of F1 fans at ease.

It seems highly unlikely Hamilton will fail to reach a deal with Mercedes and a near given that we will see him extending his outright record of 95 race wins in the very near future.

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