FIFA 21: 34% of couples admit to arguing over game


The world of online gaming has risen due to the COVID-19 lockdown implications, meaning there is more time to stick on your console to connect with your friends and play against other gamers from around the globe.

And, if we’re truthful, there isn’t anything better to do as the days gradually drag on as we wait for lockdown to be lifted.

However, the love and affection we give to our favourite games can cause trouble in paradise, as we neglect our partners from the attention that brings them happiness.

As claimed in Iain Mackintosh’s book ‘Football Manager Stole My Life’, the game was at fault for disrupting marriages – leading to an incredible 35 divorces back in 2012.

But, have you ever questioned what games are the centre of concern in relationships right now?

CardsChat decided to inquire 1,000 adults in the UK and identify the answers we’re intrigued to know.

It’s no shock that the top four quarrelling causing games are Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite and Football Manager.


Call of Duty leads first place with a massive 38%. Funnily enough, the battle conquered in gameplay isn’t all-but over in real life, with the stresses continuing at home.

EA Sports’ FIFA isn’t far off, taking second place with 34%. It’s understandable; when you’ve found your perfect squad on Ultimate Team and you’ve gone on an unbeaten run, winning is addictive, so putting down the pad is extremely tough.

Fortnite causes 21% of arguments, and although we mentioned Football Manager was associated with 35 divorces, the game ranks in fourth place with 15%, with individuals replicating the hard hours of a real-life manager – aiming to gain promotion and discover the newest talent.

Dating expert Chris Pleines from Datingscout explained the absence of quality time is what is behind the tiffs.


“Being preoccupied with gaming will most likely let you forget what day it is, especially if you pull an all-nighter. Instead of preparing something special for your partner, you are busy levelling up on your game.”

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