Gaming: 25% of men have considered breaking up with partner due to arguments


So, we’ve established that Call of Duty, FIFA, Fortnite and Football Manager lead the forefront in games that menace a relationship, causing agro and leaving all hanging by a thread.

Yet, ultimately, things could possibly get to the point of no return and couples decide to part ways, showing each other the red card.

CardsChat presented the substantial question and discovered some interesting stats – proving the damage gaming can place on a relationship.

The data learnt that 25% of men have contemplated breaking up with their partner as a result of online-gaming scuffles.

In comparison, 17% of the women surveyed confessed they’ve pondered walking away from the relationship, sharing the same reason.

Dainis Graveris, a certified sex educator and relationship expert at SexualAlpha, stated: “When people play online games, they become a part of something that involves responsibilities, loyalties, and interactions.

“These interactions, however, don’t spill through with their relationships offline.”


You would imagine the altercations would bother women considerably more, as the stats contrast, with their complaints being disregarded due to their partners motivation to constantly play online games.

However, as confirmed, males are more troubled with their beliefs that online gaming helps relieve stress, serving as an outlet for negative energy and helping regain a sense of control.

Along with this, gaming can be used socially, to catch up with friends and partake in friendly rivalry.

Graveris added: “When their female partners don’t understand their motivations, they take offence and get into serious arguments.”


She continued: “That’s why you can find that most of them get into serious fights with their partners and have thought about breaking up with them.”

But, for the good of the relationship, it would be responsible for both parties to consider each other’s feelings before reaching for the controller and enduring hours of online competition.

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