FIFA 21: Anders Vejrgang extends FUT Champs record to 510-0


Denmark's Anders Verging recently stretched his incredible FUT Champs record to over 500 wins with no defeats

The 15-year-old Vejrgang is someone who just does not seem to lose when it comes to the FUT Champions.

The Danish teenager has most recently brought up his 510th victory, while incredibly remaining undefeated. Needless to say this impressive run is an on-going world record.

Vejrgang first came to the gaming world’s attention when he reached 150-0 back in November 2020 and is now currently part of esports RBLZ Gaming team.

In addition, the Dane has been streaming his remarkable progress on Twitch where he has amassed a following of over 500,000.

The teenager, however, is still a year away from being able to compete in official competitions as a 16-year-old.


The FUT superstar has been playing FIFA since the 2013 edition on the PlayStation 3 and has expressed his desire to become the best FIFA player in the world.

Speaking to SPORTbible back in December, Vejrgang said:

“I'm very ambitious and as long as I'm not allowed to compete in international tournaments, the weekend-league is my competition to shine in," the gamer explained, who ends up playing 30 weekend league games a week.

When asked about his approach to the game, the Dane added:


"I want to score goals. I defend on a very high line, pressure my opponent as much as possible and try to use my skill-set in the offence.

"I respect every opponent and just want to win. I take it game by game and hope to stay unbeaten for as long as possible."

This indeed begs the question, how long can this gaming superstar remain unbeaten for? And is he on the road to the historic landmark of 1000 wins? One thing is clear, he certainly has the capacity to take the professional ranks of gaming by storm in 2022.

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