Boxing: Deontay Wilder's former coach makes wild Anthony Joshua claim


Former Welterweight champion Mark Breland caught the attention of boxing fans after sharing his controversial thoughts on The Fight is Right podcast.

The five-time Golden Glove winner had a lot to say about current world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua as well as former WBC world champion Deontay Wilder, whom he used to co-train.

Breland revealed several interesting factors regarding Wilder’s training, or alleged lack of it, claiming that the 35-year-old; “Don’t jump rope” nor does he “Hit the speed bag or heavy bag.”

Which has led to fight fans wondering just what Wilder does in training, and if he was so aloof during preparations, how was he quite so successful?

Breland was particularly critical of Wilder’s jab, stating in his interview that “he used the jab one time in that (first) fight with Bermane Stiverne, that was it.”

On the subject of the jab, Anthony Joshua once shared a quote on social media saying: “The right hand will take you around the block, the jab will take you around the world!”

However, Breland also believes that Joshua is weak in that department. When asked about the technical qualities of the two-time world champion, Breland said:


“To be honest, I could beat Anthony Joshua. Here’s a guy who doesn’t have a jab at all. When he fought [Andy] Ruiz in the second fight, people talked about his jab.

“That wasn’t a jab, he was just doing this (Breland mocks how AJ merely tapped with his left jab). To fight a guy like him, I would out-jab him. I don’t think he’d be able to touch me.

“I’d put him to sleep, the jab can bang that chin and put you down.”

It is unclear whether Breland was speaking in terms of how he would train a fighter to beat Joshua, or whether he could indeed do it himself, in either case he was very scathing in his review.


As for the potential all-British clash between Joshua and Tyson Fury for the undisputed world heavyweight title, Breland picked the Gypsy King to win whilst voicing his admiration Fury,

“He’s good as mind games,” remarked Breland. “He plays with these guys, he’s playing with their heads and guys get mad and frustrated, so frustrated it can throw them off their game.”

Unfortunately for Breland, Fury already has a quite capable training team so there may not be any room at the inn.

But any fighter being trained under the 57-year-old may find themselves in the spotlight, more so than usual, following his outlandish comments on two of the most accomplished athletes in the sport.

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