Liverpool 1-4 Man City: Jurgen Klopp gives rude interview to reporter


Never in Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool reign has he come under as much pressure as right now. 

After the 4-1 defeat to Manchester City at Anfield, the German had to face the cameras and try and account for what had just happened. 

Some fans have mocked Klopp for claiming that Alisson may have had “cold feet” which led to his two howlers. 

However, the Liverpool boss was generally conciliatory about his goalkeeper’s blunders, noting that the champions had relied on countless times in the past.

Rightly or wrongly, Klopp has gained a reputation for making excuses – it’s something Roy Keane highlighted in his post-match analysis on Sky Sports. 

Unfortunately, he’s also becoming known for lashing out at journalists. In November, GIVEMESPORT looked at some of his most furious rants at the media. 

When the pressure’s on, Klopp has a tendency to let the mask slip and his manners deserted him even before the game during an interview with Geoff Shreeves. 

He wasn’t going to be a happy man after being thrashed by City, either. 

This time, it was a reporter from Israeli TV who was on the receiving end of Klopp’s wrath. 

“City have got a game in hand, it’s obviously a 10-points gap,” the interviewer began. 

“Can you see any scenario of catching up with them? Or is it just for Liverpool now the aim fighting for the top four?”

A valid question and one which accurately reflects where Liverpool are right now following three consecutive home defeats. 


But Klopp took exception to it nonetheless and hit back: 

“I really think you should prepare for your job a little bit better, to be honest,” he snapped. 

“How can you ask… they are 13 points away in my understanding. And this question about becoming champions…Do you really think this is an appropriate question in the moment? You have only two questions and you waste one for that.

“Your fault.” 

As the reporter then tried to ask his second question, Klopp kept repeating “you had only two questions…the second one, you wasted it”. 

Finally, the interviewer managed to finish and ask the second part of his question, which was whether Liverpool’s aim is now to get in the top four. 

“Yes that’s obvious, we try to do that.” 

Klopp is undoubtedly feeling the heat. 

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