UFC news: Khabib Nurmagomedov names his ultimate fantasy fight


Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the biggest names in the world of combat sports.

The Russian made the UFC Octagon a terrifying place for opponents, going undefeated and dominating the lightweight division for years on end.

After a stellar career that saw him go 29 fights undefeated, Khabib hung up his gloves, calling time on his scintillating run in October 2020.

It was a massive loss to the fight world but few could begrudge the man some well-earned rest.

However, UFC president has not given up on the prospect of Khabib making a comeback in pursuit of that mythical 30-0 and landmark.

Since Khabib waved goodbye to the Octagon, he and White have met several times to discuss a potential blockbuster return.

The problem White keeps running into is that, as if right now, there is not a single opponent in the lightweight division that sparks any sort of desire from within Khabib.


Conor McGregor's shock loss to Dustin Poirier may have been the final nail in the coffin for White's dream of a rematch between the pair.

Now, it seem that a Khabib return is further away than it ever was.

However, while Khabib may have little to give in the Octagon going forward, he still has a lot of top notch opinions on the sport he loves.

Speaking recently, Khabib outlined what his ultimate fantasy fight might entail and it would be an absolute monster. 


“If just a fantasy, then I would take Brock Lesnar — a heavyweight. And it would be possible to make him a fight with Fedor Emelianenko in Russia,” Nurmagomedov told MatchTV via Lenta.

“It would be interesting to organize a fight between the stars of Russian and American MMA. By the way, anything can happen.”

At the peak of their powers, Lesnar and  Emelianenko were easily the top heavyweights on the planet.


White reportedly did everything he could to make a fight happen between the pair but it was sadly to no avail. 

It looks nothing more than a distant pipe dream now, especially considering the fact that Lesnar has long since retired from the UFC.

Perhaps Khabib is left with no choice but to drag himself out of retirement and make a fantasy fight of his own.

If only.

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