Super Bowl: Streaker won £271,500 after betting on himself


A Super Bowl streaker has claimed he won $374,000 (£271,500) after placing a bet that his stunt would occur.

Yuri Andrade, 31, brought a stop to the USA’s showpiece sporting event in its fourth quarter on Sunday after running onto the pitch wearing a G-String swimsuit, better known as a mankini.

He was arrested and charged with trespassing, subsequently spending the remainder of the night in jail. To add to his woes, he then paid around £360 in bail money to be released.

However, reports have emerged that Andrade may have actually staked money on the stunt that he pulled off.

Following the conclusion of the Super Bowl, SportsBetExperts took to social media and posted an image of Andrade on the pitch, claiming that he had placed a bet on the incident.

They said: “Yesterday’s Super Bowl streaker bet $50k on a prop bet at +750 that there would be a streaker at the SB.

“Cost him $500 to get out of jail so he cleared $374k on the bet!”


Posting on Instagram in response, Andrade appeared to support the claims, saying: “Dudes are good at math.”

Despite initially evading the authorities after his entrance to the pitch, Andrade was quickly pulled to the ground and escorted from the stadium.

Speaking to NBC 6, he explained his choice of clothing, stating: “I threw my sweater on the floor obviously to run so all I had was this G-string bikini, and all the cops thought it would be a funny joke to keep me in handcuffs so that I couldn’t adjust myself for about the first eight hours before I got transferred to the police station, where they were actually very kind and they were all laughing.”

Once the commotion was cleared, Tampa Bay Buccaneers emerged victorious, defeating the Kansas City Chiefs by 31-9.


It was Tom Brady’s seventh Super Bowl title, and his first with the Buccaneers since being traded to the team in the 2020 NFL Draft.

The 43-year-old also won the Super Bowl’s Most Valuable Player award for his performance.

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