Floyd Mayweather record: Three times he almost lost a boxing fight


You can say what you like about Floyd Mayweather, but you can't deny that the man is a pretty special boxer.

His perfect 50-0 record speaks for itself while his ability to sell fights is rivalled by no other athlete on earth.

Mayweather is the perfect case study for how to monetise prodigious talent as he time and time again coaxed boxing fans into coughing up hefty sums for blockbuster pay-per-views.

Floyd's masterfully crafted rhetoric is no mistake.

He knows exactly what to say and when to say it to get up the noses of opposing fans who then go out and spend their hard earned cash in the hope that they will finally see 'Money' lose.

The only problem? He never loses.

However, while the loss column on his record does currently boast a big fat zero, there were some fights during his career where that zero was under serious threat.

So, with that in mind, here is an in depth look at three fights that Mayweather very nearly lost.

Jose Luis Castillo 1

Mayweather defeated Castillo by unanimous decision in 2002, but the cacophony of boo's that rang out at the announcement of that decision suggested the crowd felt otherwise.

Mayweather's cautious approach had paid dividends in the opening rounds but, when Castillo launched a tirade of fierce body shots in the final stretches, Floyd looked out of his depth.

He struggled to cope with the ferocious pressure Castillo applied and, at the final bell, many felt that Castillo had done more than enough to claim victory.

The judges saw it differently, scoring the bout 116-111, 115-111, 115-111 in Mayweather's favour while HBO's unofficial judge scored it 115-111 in favour of Castillo.

Oscar De La Hoya 

Mayweather's titanic bout with De La Hoya in 2007 remains one of the most infamous fights of his career.

The Mexican-American used his 10-pound weight advantage superbly, pinning Floyd to the ropes in the early stages.

Floyd however, fought back manfully and somehow managed to pip his much-fancied opponent on the final scorecards.

Floyd won on split decision, with the cards reading 116-112 and 115-113 to Floyd, while the other had it 115-113 in favour of De La Hoya.

Marcos Maidana 1

Now entering the back straight of his career, Mayweather took on Maidana in 2014.

Maidana took little notice of his tag as underdog, going hard at his illustrious opponent right from the get-go.

Mayweather had to call on all of his guile and wit to counter Maidana's brawler approach, eventually winning the bout by majority decision.

Two officials scored it 117-111 and 116-112 to Mayweather, while the other called it a 114-114 draw.

However, records later showed that Floyd had been hit more times than ever before in his 38-fight career up to that point.

Donald Trump, who was ringside for the bout, slammed the fight as rigged upon hearing the result.

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