FIFA Club World Cup: Penalty nightmare as Palmeiras' Rony produces crazy run-up

  • Kobe Tong

The FIFA Club World Cup always seems to be a little underwhelming, doesn't it?

For a competition that promises to crown the world's best club side, it never really tends to captivate football fans in the way that FIFA would like to imagine.

Besides, the winter-held tournament tends to just be a victory lap for whichever team won the Champions League the season before, even if there are some glorious exceptions to that rule.

Al Ahly vs Palmeiras

But no matter what you think of FIFA's annual competition, you couldn't accuse the 2020 edition of being completely void of entertainment because even the third-place play-off delivered drama.

Kings of Africa Al Ahly SC and champions of South America Palmeiras locked horns in Qatar on Thursday night ahead of the final itself between Bayern Munich and Tigres UANL.

Now, it goes without saying that the battle for the bronze medal wasn't exactly gripping during regulation time with the Egyptian and Brazilian sides failing to score after 90 minutes.


Penalty shootout

And with 30 additional minutes of extra time proving futile in the bid for a breakthrough, the game progressed to penalties and that's where the fixture really started to attract attention.

In the end, it was Al Ahly who earned themselves a step on the podium, winning the shootout 3-2, but there were no shortage of misses before the Egyptians could claim the victory.

That's because, rather astonishingly, four of the opening five spot-kicks were all missed.


Rony's penalty howler

That alone is pretty remarkable, but it was Palmeiras' Rony who produced the worst penalty of the lot, seeing his effort saved after one of the silliest run-ups that we've ever seen.

In what can only be described as a bizarre mash-up of Paul Pogba and Neymar's techniques, the 25-year-old striker took what felt like an age before he actually took aim from 12 yards.

And with his theatrics results in nothing but a save from Mohamed El-Shenawy, it's no surprise that footage is already started to go viral, so be sure to check out Rony's plight down below:

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. What on earth was he thinking?

A bizarre approach

For starters, Rony is standing so far back from the penalty spot that he's practically in a different postcode and his reaction time to the whistle is probably best measured in hours.

Then, we have this strange Neymar impression where he moves to his left, feigns running towards the ball at 100 miles per hour and then dramatically slows down just before shooting.


There are even shades of Bruno Fernandes and Jorginho in the way he finally takes his shot, but there was by no means any accuracy in common with the eventual punt proving pitifully central.

In fact, El-Shenawy had such an easy time dealing with Rony's spot-kick that he not only saved it but collected it as though he was ready to start a counterattack.

So, sure, while even the best players in the world miss penalties, Rony was always playing with fire when he picked a run-up that won't be forgotten by football fans anytime soon.

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