Premier League trivia: Can you name these 20 obscure club managers?


Premier League managers come and go like the wind.

One moment they're on top of the world, the next they're handing in a P45 after being ruthlessly given the sack.

It is a fickle and cruel business but one that has become part and parcel of the job.

These days it's very rare that a budding, starry eyed manager lands a Premier League job and actually holds onto it for a significant amount of time.

Your job is seemingly always at risk, the media scrutinise your every move and your loyal fan base can swing from praise to vitriol within the length of a single tweet.

A Premier League job really is one of the poisoned chalice's of the footballing world. A dream that can turn from glory to nightmare at the dropping of a hat.

So, naturally, we thought we would go ahead and test the knowledge of all those managerial guru's out there who think they have kept up with all the coming and goings over the years.

There have been some truly bizarre appointments since the beginning of the Premier League that, unsurprisingly, just haven't worked out for either party.

Alongside the weird there is also a group of men who, for good reason or not, have simply been forgotten among the pages of Premier League history.

We aren't going to drop any of those quiz cliché's about how it will take a footballing genius to get full marks on this one, but we do like to think only a select few will name the lot.

It starts off at a canter but we do have to level a warning, it gets harder with each question.

Good luck! 

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