Australian Open: Novak Djokovic game interrupted as fans forced to leave


Fans watching the Novak Djokovic-Talor Fritz match at the Rod Laver Arena have been forced to leave the venue midway through the game because of the newly imposed curfew in Melbourne.

Melbourne is heading into a five-day lockdown today at 11:59 local time, and 15 minutes before the clock struck 12, spectators were being forced out of the venue as per the new governmental orders.

No, seriously. The game even had to be suspended whilst fans were leaving the court because of the new rules due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For the next five days, players will play their matches behind closed doors, including the ongoing match between Djokovic and Fritz.

Just as Fritz claimed a fourth-set victory to level the scores at 2-2, fans began leaving the venue, creating quite the ominous atmosphere due to the crowd’s departure.

In a tie that has already produced quite some drama, including a Djokovic slip, an injury time-out and, of course, Djokovic blowing a two-set lead, both players will surely miss the energy of the crowd coming into the decisive fifth set.

The departure of the crowd may give Djokovic a bit of an advantage, however, as the Australian Open faithful were clearly against the Serb during the game.

The number one seed will thus be happy there are no spectators to boo him as he looks to recover from losing the third and fourth sets.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, this situation will be go down as one of the most memorable moments in tennis history.

This is what watching sport is like in 2021… we just want to have normality back!

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