Boxing: Tyson Fury's latest physique has fans worried for Anthony Joshua fight


A video of Tyson Fury has emerged on social media and it's safe to say it has left many fans concerned about the heavyweight’s physique, especially with a superfight with Anthony Joshua potentially taking place later this year.

Tyson Fury is currently the WBC world heavyweight champion after dethroning American Deontay Wilder back in February of last year, but it seems like he's got a little too comfortable being away from the ring.

On an Instagram story via ‘bodypuncher’ – boxer Andy Lee – Tyson Fury was seen on a beach in Morecambe, running into the freezing cold sea without a t-shirt on.

He also stated that it was only three degrees outside - we can only imagine how cold it was, based on how cold it is currently in the north of the country.

Fury's Controversial Road To The Top

Fury took a break from the sport to overcome addiction and mental health issues that resulted in the Gypsy King gaining weight.

Since, he has returned to the ring and made a comeback in his boxing career, and worked hard to make his way through the ranks, all the way to the top of the heavyweight division.

But now, fans are concerned about the emerging video of the Gypsy King going for a very cold swim in the sea.


With the video going viral – as most things do nowadays, especially one of the world’s best heavyweights – some boxing fans have commented about their concern with Fury’s stature.

On Twitter, there were various comments about Fury’s appearance, with one saying: “Jeezo, Fury is in terrible shape at the moment."

Another added: “Looking a bit heavy, time to get in a camp."

Fan Reaction

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There were also references made to Fury’s rematch with Wladimir Klitschko, where Fury described himself as a ‘fat man’.

One fan commented: “Looks in similar shape to that famous ‘you got beat by a fat man’ Klitschko rematch press conference.

"I hope he’s okay mentally and ready to start training for the AJ fight. We need that fight this year."

If a clash with AJ is officially confirmed for later this year, then there’s no doubt that Fury will be ready.

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