Wilfried Zaha: Crystal Palace star says taking a knee every week is 'degrading'

Wilfried Zaha has made his feelings clear

Crystal Palace talisman Wilfried Zaha has made it clear that he feels taking a knee before every Premier League game is "degrading".

Ever since 'Project Restart', members of all 20 teams in the English top-flight have taken a knee before kick-off in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

However, Zaha feels that the act, along with wearing Black Lives Matter shirts, is not doing anywhere near enough to help eradicate the racism problem that continues to plague professional football across the world.

The Palace man - who's sadly been the target of online racial abuse on numerous occasions - has also voiced his frustration at those who are eager to have him to speak publicly on the issue, as he feels he's simply being used as a "tick box".

"The whole kneeling down - why must I kneel down for you to show that we matter?" Zaha passionately said on the On The Judy YouTube podcast. 

"Why must I even wear Black Lives Matter on the back of my top to show you that we matter? This is all degrading stuff.

Zaha takes a knee

"When people constantly want to get me to do Black Lives Matter talks and racial talks and I'm like, I'm not doing it just so you can put 'Zaha spoke for us'. Like a tick box, basically.

"I'm not doing any more, unless things change. I'm not coming to chat to you just for the sake of it, like all the interviews I've done.

"All these platforms - you see what's happening, you see people making fake accounts to abuse black people constantly, but you don't change it.

"So don't tell me to come and chat about stuff that's not going to change. Change it.

"All that stuff that you lot are doing, all these charades mean nothing."

Zaha with Palace

Zaha is not the first player in English football to speak out in such a manner this season. Back in January, Nottingham Forest striker Lyle Taylor explained why he does not take a knee before games, criticising the BLM movement in the process.

"My support for what is that we're trying to achieve is absolute, but I do not support Black Live Matter as an institution or organisation," Taylor told BBC Radio Nottingham, per Nottinghamshire Live.

"I would request anyone looks into Black Lives Matter to look into what that organisation does and what they stand for because it's scandalous that the world and the world's media has got behind Black Lives Matter.

"Not the message; of course black lives matter. [But] standing behind Black Lives Matter and all the institutions that have done that - the BBC, Sky, all of them saying Black Lives Matter - it's not a good idea because of what the organisation stands for.

"The message overall is 100% important, don't get me wrong on that. In terms of black lives actually mattering and black people being killed by police more frequently, that's not a good thing.

Taylor in action

"Black lives do matter, but you'll never hear me say Black Lives Matter again in reference to that company."

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