Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer could be coming soon as Rockstar Games post job advert


Like some of you readers, I remember back in 2013 watching the trailers for GTA V and thinking to myself “this looks like an incredible game!”

Despite news that GTA 6 could be released as early as 2023, a 10-year gap between the two latest instalments, we might expect some sort of a trailer within the next few months.

The reason behind this theory is thanks to some job listings on Rockstar Games' website which includes “Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist.”

This could mean that they are already working on the trailer for the much anticipated game, or that they are working on the GTA V PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

Either way, fans have been looking forward to the new instalment of the series, with rumours of one of the biggest maps in console gaming history, most likely utilising the phenomenal processing power of the latest gen consoles.

GTA V is a record-breaking game, with the game passing its annual sales record in 2020 since its launch in 2013. The game has now surpassed 140 million copies, with the game selling 20 million copies in 2020.

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This is partly due to the expansion DLC’s that Rockstar have continuously been developing since the game moved over to the PS4 and Xbox One and its very popular Grand Theft Auto Online mode, which features online missions, races and battles to name a few.

Despite the controversies that the game has seemed to attract over the years, whether that be the excessive violence during the early years of the game, to the disturbing $100 USD microtransactions of today’s game, the series is looking to get even stronger.

What are your thoughts on the Grand Theft Auto series? What is your favourite GTA of all time? Be sure to let us know!

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