WWE news: Stone Cold Steve Austin's brilliant response to CM Punk's callout

CM Punk and Stone Cold have been teasing a WWE match

CM Punk was the hottest star in pro-wrestling during his run as WWE Champion and his final few months with the company. 

He was such a big draw, in fact, that there was speculation Stone Cold Steve Austin could have come out of retirement to face 'The Best in the World' in 2013-14. 

But that match never came to fruition and fans were left wondering what could have been. 

Even seven years later, the subject of the match was brought up to Punk on Twitter and he couldn't resist predicting how it would have gone. 

During a Q&A over the weekend, one fan asked the former WWE star:

"Back in 13-14 you almost fought Stone Cold Steve Austin, do you think that would have been the greatest match of all time?"

Punk simply replied: "Would've been short. GTS, 1, 2, 3." 

Punk made a prediction for how a match with Stone Cold would have gone

There's no doubt in Punk's mind... he would have won that match, should it have taken place all those years ago.

Interestingly, Stone Cold himself saw the tweet and couldn't resist firing back at 'The Voice of the Voiceless' by calling his prediction 'complete delusion'.

"I see CM Punk you did say that. Damn. Complete delusion. I had us at a 60-minute time limit match at the Rosemont Horizon. Right there in Chicago. Chi-Town. The Windy City. Helluva match.

"Caught you with a Stunner at 59:56. You did not kick out. Bottom line." 

Stone Cold fired back at CM Punk

Damn. How are these two legends STILL getting us hyped for a match that we know will never happen?

Of course, the chances of Punk wrestling anyone again in WWE are slim to none, given how he departed from the company in 2014. 

But there's little doubt that a match between him and Stone Cold seven years ago would have gone down as one of the greatest of all time. 

Punk and Stone Cold could have shared the ring in WWE

Why have they got to tease us like this...

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