WWE news: Kurt Angle thought RAW star's 'career was over' after ignoring Vince McMahon

One WWE RAW star had serious heat with McMahon last year

Kurt Angle has revealed that Cedric Alexander had serious backstage heat in WWE ahead of his recent push.

The RAW Superstar is currently a key part of The Hurt Business, working alongside MVP, Shelton Benjamin and the United States Champion Bobby Lashley each week.

But before linking up with the stable and winning tag team gold, he nearly threw his career away.

That's according to Angle, who revealed he actually thought Alexander's 'career was over' after he got into trouble with Vince McMahon last year. 

"You look at what they have been doing with Alexander, The Hurt Business. You know, he got in a little trouble last year," the Olympic hero revealed on his podcast.

"He didn’t do something that Vince wanted him to do, and you know, if you don’t listen to your boss, things could get a little bit, you know, depressing for you.

"He didn’t listen the one night, and they scolded him for a good half-year before they started using him again, and rightfully so, he should have listened." 

Alexander is now a tag team champion in WWE

Angle went on to explain that it's the job of a WWE Superstar to listen to McMahon at all times and apparently, Alexander didn't do that. 

"That is his job, it’s to listen to Vince and do what Vince tells you to do, and he didn’t do that.

"So, I thought, 'Wow, this kid’s career is over,' you know, when that happened, and Vince eventually gave him another chance." 

McMahon didn't hold Alexander's mistake over him for too long

Thankfully, Cedric was given another chance and he's grabbed it with both hands. 

He's on the best run of his career as part of The Hurt Business and there's nothing to stop the stable from dominating RAW in the build-up to WrestleMania 37. 

Interestingly, Alexander has previously opened up about reports suggesting he was being 'buried' in WWE for a period of time. 

Alexander has spoken on reports before

"Of course [the reports annoyed me]. When you hear things like that, it doesn’t help my brand, you know what I mean?" he told talkSPORT.

"Regardless of how you feel about it, whether you think AJ buried me or not – it was fine. I knew what it was! It was great matches, I got to show a lot of my personality and my in-ring style.

"A loss isn’t a burial. It’s AJ Styles, how is that a burial?! You can’t get buried losing to AJ. You just can’t.

Alexander has been involved with AJ Styles in the past

“There’s a reason they’re putting me in the ring with AJ Styles." 

While he has denied 'being buried' in the past, Angle's more recent comments are certainly interesting and one thing is for sure - Cedric will never cross the boss again. 

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