Boxing: Floyd Mayweather's career earnings started with $750k bet on himself


Ever wondered just how Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather earned such a nickname and became one of the few active athletes to accrue over $1 billion?

Well, a fascinating Twitter thread has uncovered the answer to that question.

We’ve all seen the pictures of ‘Pretty Boy’ lying in bed surrounded by dollar bills and questioned just how this was possible, but thanks to said thread, now we know how!

For sure, being a darn good boxer helps. An incredible 50-0 record in any professional sport will ensure a healthy bank balance. Mayweather, however, is equally as savvy outside of the ring as he is in it. He will tell you it isn’t luck that’s got him to where he is, but rather hard work and risk taking.

Mayweather's Story & Earnings 

According to the thread, his road to wealth started in 2006. 10 years into his professional career, where he was already a household name and making a wholesome $5M+ per fight, Mayweather wasn’t done there.

Up until then, Mayweather was signed to Bob Arum’s promotional company Top Rank Boxing. Once Arum took 25% of proceeds made from arranging fights, ticket sales etc, Mayweather was left with a large, upfront fee for himself.


After turning down a jaw-dropping $8 million fight against Antonio Margarito, Mayweather believed his stock was higher than that. He wanted a bigger challenge against Oscar De La Hoya, and an even bigger fee. $20 million no less.

Arum questioned Mayweather’s decision, telling his client: "You gotta know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em."

Mayweather, however, was unmoved and took the plunge. Spending $750,000 to pay himself out of Top Rank Boxing, Mayweather was his own man.

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And what a decision it turned out to be.

In running his own fight promotions, Mayweather ensured he made every cent he could, from a percentage of ticket and pay-per-view sales, to food and merchandise sold within the arenas. By putting in his own money to the events, Mayweather’s profits were far outweighing the guaranteed amount that was being handed to him by Bob Arum.

His wish of a fight with De La Hoya came true in 2007. Mayweather didn’t make the $20million he first demanded. Try $25 million.

A staggering amount that became the norm for Mayweather, with his high-profile fight against UFC star Conor McGregor in 2017 fetching him an eye-watering $275 million.

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That bout against McGregor stands as Mayweather’s last professional fight. It’d be understandable after a 20-year career full of dedication and sacrifice if he decided to take life easy and enjoy his billions. Mayweather, however, continues to work hard with Mayweather Promotions, now representing over 20 boxers.

As easy as it is to be envious of his luxury life, Mayweather’s actions have taught a valuable lesson to chase your dreams and seize any opportunity that comes your way.


One thing’s for sure, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather won’t stop making money any time soon.

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