Wayne Rooney: Man United legend says Premier League is better off without VAR

Wayne Rooney has made his opinion on VAR very clear

The debate surrounding the use of VAR in the Premier League is one that's not going away anytime soon.

Since the technology was introduced in the English top-flight at the start of last season, controversy has never been far away.

Armpit offsides, questionable application of the handball law, endless slow-motion replays and lengthy delays are just four of many issues caused by the use of VAR and fans have had enough.

Calls to scrap the technology are coming from far and wide, with a number of high-profile names in English football echoing the cries from Premier League supporters of late.

The latest famous face to do so is recently appointed Derby County manager, Wayne Rooney.

Manchester United and England's record goalscorer believes VAR should be scrapped for good, stating that the game was better when decisions rested solely with the on-field officials.

Rooney on the touchline

"Watching the Premier League games, some of the decisions are very frustrating through VAR and you don't understand how they have got to that decision," Rooney said, per Sky Sports.

"I personally think the game's better without it. Even though you are frustrated at times after games, we have to rely on the referees to do the job the best they can.

"Even though you don't agree with some decisions, we have to let them do the job and respect their views on it."

One of Rooney's main beefs with the use of VAR is - as we mentioned previously - the lengthy delays to decide whether or not a goal should stand.

VAR in use

"It takes the emotion out of the moment," the Derby boss added. "I remember some of the goals I scored when I could have been onside or offside. You take a glance over and see the linesman's flag is down and you carry on with your celebration.

"It's ridiculous that players are waiting around for one minute, two minutes, to see if the goal will stand.

"I saw James Maddison after he scored and he didn't know whether it was a goal or whether it would be disallowed.

"It's the one time the fans feel connected to their club and their player when they are celebrating a goal together. Take that away and you lose that connection players have with fans."

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Who is this former Premier League manager?

Well said, Wayne.

Many of us believed VAR would bring an end to the controversial decisions that have always plagued the Premier League, but that simply hasn't happened.

If anything, the situation now is far worse than ever and the fact games are often delayed for close to five minutes so those at Stockley Park can make a head-scratching call doesn't help matters one bit.

Unless wholesale changes are made with regards to the implementation of VAR, it should be binned for good.

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