WWE news: The most underrated star of all time named by Booker T

Booker T names WWE's most underrated star

Booker T has named Christian as the most underrated wrestler of all time. 

Captain Charisma was a huge fan favourite during his first two runs with WWE and broke the hearts of millions around the world when he was forced into early retirement in 2014.

But at the Royal Rumble last month, he made a shock comeback in the men's match and it's since been confirmed that this wasn't a one-off appearance.

That's right, Christian is back in WWE and we'll hope to see him a lot more as we make our way down the Road to WrestleMania 37. 

Not only is the two-time world champion a huge fan favourite, but according to Booker T, he's also the most underrated star of all time.  

"I would think Christian perhaps is the most underrated wrestler that I’ve ever been around knowing what he can do inside the squared circle," Booker revealed on 'The Hall Of Fame' podcast.

"He’s always been a top-notch worker. I always was one of the guys who loved it when I saw his name by mine, whether it was a house show, TV, it didn’t make any difference. 

Christian has been called underrated by one Hall of Famer

"It was just so much fun coming to work at that time knowing that I was going to go out there and work with Christian because we were going to have fun - other than one time when he hit me in the eye.

"Christian, probably perhaps the most underrated guy, perhaps should have been World Champion many more times than he actually was."

One more world title run?

As Booker T suggests, Christian should have perhaps had more runs with the world title than he actually did. 

Christian is back in WWE after returning at the Royal Rumble

Now he's back in WWE, is there anything actually stopping that? Just look at the company's recent record with champions. 

Goldberg has held the Universal Title on two separate occasions over the last few years, while Edge just won the Royal Rumble and will challenge for a world championship at WrestleMania.

Edge is going to challenge for a world title at WrestleMania 37

If those two can do it, there's absolutely no reason Christian can't as well. 

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