PlayStation 5: YouTuber spends £50,000 making world's largest PS5


A YouTuber has spent a whopping $70,000 (£50,418) to build a gigantic version of the PS5 console. Why? Who knows…

With a massive height of 10 feet, something that would make even Peter Crouch look small, it is surprisingly, somehow, still functional and can run games just like a regular sized PS5.

With no real reason to create such a behemoth of a games console, it’s probably a safe bet that the bragging rights of having the world’s largest PS5 was probably his main motivation.

The man responsible is a YouTuber named ZHC, whose channel exclusively revolves around huge, extravagant customisations and gifts.

The video, which was entitled ‘I Spent 100 Hours Customizing The World’s Largest PS5 ($70,000)’, featured a competition between ZHC and his team members in which they both attempted to paint one side of the giant console.

If he lost the challenge, he agreed to give each member of his team a PS5, donate the remaining PS5s to charity and give away the world’s largest one ‘to a random person’.

In the end – spoiler alert if you’re planning to watch the video – he won, but still agreed to give away 100 PS5 consoles to his subscribers.

This might genuinely be one of the best ways to try and grab a PS5 at the moment, with the online queuing lengths still as ridiculous as launch day, so much so that Sony publicly stated they simply can’t keep up with the demand.

The company vowed it will ‘do everything in [its] power’ in order to make more units and get them out to people. But that may still take some time as of yet.

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