The Rock's interview with dad Rocky Johnson after WrestleMania debut is still special to watch

WWE icon The Rock shares a special moment with his father Rocky Johnson

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is WWE's greatest ever icon. 

He electrified crowds whenever he stepped into the ring, finding huge success as the face of the company during the incredibly popular Attitude Era. 

But before rising to greatness, the third-generation star made his WrestleMania debut way back in 1997, on what was a very special night for his family.  

Known as Rocky Mavia back then, he defeated The Sultan to retain the WWF Intercontinental Championship, before being jumped at ringside by Bob Backlund and The Iron Sheik. 

His father, Rocky Johnson, was watching from the crowd and having seen events unfold, jumped in to come to his son's aid. 

The Rock teamed with his dad at WrestleMania 13

After clearing out the ring, the pair shared a hug before standing tall in front of a sell-out crowd. 

The Rock would go on to have many, many more WrestleMania moments, but his first may well stand out as one of the most special. 

One night after 'Mania 13, Johnson and his father did an interview on RAW and to this day, it's still brilliant to watch. Check it out below: 

The nostalgia is real!

Given just how much The Rock went on to achieve in WWE, it's great to reminisce about the times before he became 'The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment'. 

Even at that young age, he knew the pressure that came with his family name, with Rocky telling his son: 

"You're carrying the family name. You're carrying your grandfather's name, you're carrying my name. I sat in the crowd and watched you and I was so proud. 

The Rock shared a special moment with his father

"When I saw those three guys jump you, any man that has feelings for his son will not stand there and watch them try to hurt you. But I promise you, I will never interfere in your matches again."

The Rock's WrestleMania debut back in 1997 really was something special, wasn't it? 

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