Manny Pacquiao: What is his net worth?


There are fewer bigger names in boxing than that of Manny Pacquiao.

The Filipino maestro is the only eight-division world champion in the history of the sport and has been part of some of the most lucrative fights in history.

The diminutive 42-year-old has some of the fastest hands out there and, having grown up in the midst of frightfully difficult circumstances, has carved out an incredible career for himself.

Fights with Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Juan Manuel Marquez all proved to be big money spinners but his fight with Floyd Mayweather in 2015 eclipsed the lot.

Cleverly branded ‘The Fight of the Century’, Pacquiao’s clash with Mayweather garnered intense global attention.

Pay-per-views were selling like hot cakes all over the world making the fight one of the highest grossing events in the history of all combat sports.


Mayweather would go on to inflict a crushing loss on Pacquiao, but the Filipino still ultimately walked away a reported $130 million richer.

Pacquiao now spends his time in politics in his home nation but is yet to officially retire from the fight game, with rumours starting to grow that he could make a sensational return later this year.

While we wait for official confirmation of that, we thought we would have a quick run through of his biggest career earning as well as his net worth.

Manny Pacquiao career earnings: (Opponent, Earnings Year)

Erik Morales $2,000,000 January 2006
Oscar Larios $1,000,000 July 2006
Erik Morales $3,000,000 November 2006
Jorge Solis $2,000,000 April 2007
Marco Antonio Barrera $2,000,000 October 2007
Oscar De la Hoya $11,000,000 December 2008
Ricky Hatton $12,000,000 May 2009


Miguel Cotto $35,000,000 November 2009
Antonio Margarito $35,000,000 November 2010
Shane Mosely $20,000,000 May 2011
Juan Manuel Marquez $20,000,000 November 2011
Timothy Bradley $20,000,000 June 2012
Juan Manuel Marquez $30,000,000 December 2012
Brandon Rios $30,000,000 November 2013


Timothy Bradley $20,000,000 April 2014
Chris Algieri $20,000,000 November 2014

Floyd Mayweather $130,000,000 May 2015

Timothy Bradley $33,000,000 April 2016
Jesse Vargas $10,000,000 November 2016
Adrien Broner $10,000,000 January 2016

Total: $446,000,000

Manny Pacquiao net worth:

Per Celebrity Net worth, Pacquiao’s current worth stands at around $220 million.

However, if he manages to secure some blockbuster fights in 2021, that number could shoot through the roof.

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