Kenny Omega called 'WWE Champion' on AEW - Drew McIntyre responds brilliantly

McIntyre had a brilliant response to AEW claiming Omega is the WWE Champion

Legendary wrestling commentator Jim Ross made a rather hilarious gaff on AEW Dynamite this week.

Before a segment involving AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, JR accidentally introduced him as the 'WWE Champion' instead. 

As you can imagine, the rather unfortunate slip of the tongue was quickly noticed by wrestling fans and the clip soon made its way onto social media. 

You can check it out below: 

Oh dear, JR! Of course, this was nothing more than an innocent mistake, so surely we can all move on quickly, right?

After all, there's no chance the actual WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre, would be watching... is there?

Well... it seems he was. Or at least, someone showed him the clip. Because shortly after, the RAW star responded on social media with a brilliant tweet: 

McIntyre responds to the AEW mistake

It seems the WWE Champion certainly isn't impressed nor amused! We must point out though, this is all light-hearted fun. 

McIntyre is good value on social media and he couldn't resist reminding everybody exactly who the real WWE champ is. 

The timing of JR's commentary gaff is certainly interesting though. In recent weeks, there has been plenty of speculation over AEW crossing over with WWE one day. 

JR made a funny mistake on AEW Dynamite this week

In fact, CEO Tony Khan even made a podcast appearance this week where he 'begged' Vince McMahon's promotion to come to Jacksonville and work with them. 

"They [WWE] are more than welcome. As I’ve said before, the forbidden door is open anytime," he said.

"Just come and knock. If they were to knock on the door, I would certainly be willing to let them in. Come in, please. I would love that. Come to Jacksonville, I’m begging you." 

McIntyre is welcome in AEW any time

You never know, JR's slip of the tongue could be the start of something special between WWE and AEW

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