Boxing: Chris Eubank breaks down in front of Michael Watson on Piers Morgan's Life Stories


Chris Eubank showed once again just how raw his feelings are over his now infamous fight with Michael Watson in 1991.

It was one of the most tragic nights in the history of British boxing with Watson suffering a near fatal brain injury.

Eubank, who appeared on ITV's Life Stories with Piers Morgan on Thursday night, broke down in tears as he recounted that horrific moment.

Watson had looked in fine fettle on the night and was even on course to win should the fight go the distance.

However, a brutal Eubank uppercut in the eleventh round curtailed his chances before he shockingly collapsed in the ring.

There was no ambulance present at the event and it took doctors eight minutes to arrive on the scene.

Watson spent 40 days in an induced coma after near criminal negligence saw it take an age for him to get to hospital.

Numerous brain surgeries followed as medical teams attempted to alleviate a blood clot caused by the blow - he is now partially disabled.

In a teaser for the chat show, Eubank was shown to break down in tears the moment he began to speak of the incident as he struggled to find the words to express how sorry he was. 

Now, the full show has aired leaving fans in bits over the full exchange between Eubank and Watson, who was a member of the watching audience.

"I don’t know whether I can even make sense of what happened... him having to go through what he’s gone through and to still be here," Eubank said.

"I can’t tell you how sorry I am. It’s the only regret in my career."

The camera then panned to Michael, who told Chris: "It’s ok bruv, let’s move on in life. Peace and love, that’s all in the past.

"We’re together, let’s live and love. We are real, God bless you Chris, one love."

It was a hugely touching moment that you can only imagine was incredibly healing for Eubank.

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