UFC Fight Night: Curtis Blaydes vs Derrick Lewis promises to be epic heavyweight battle


Fight Night this weekend with the UFC is built around some top of the division heavyweight talent.

Number two ranked Curtis Blaydes will take on number 4 ranked Derrick Lewis.

If you were watching last weekend, you will have seen a rather sluggish affair between Alexander Volkov and Alistair Overeem which saw Volkov win via TKO in the slow-going second round.

Blaydes in particular is a thrilling fighter: he moves uniquely amongst the heavyweights, boasting serious speed and sporadic level changes that completely confound his opponents.

If it were not for his frame, ‘Razor’ Blaydes could easily be confused for a middleweight based on his winning combination of speed and agility.

Moreover, once he’s got the other fighter on their backs, Blaydes is an absolute punisher, throwing incessant, incisive blows to achieve maximum damage.


This week, Blaydes was emphatic that he will definitely be looking to the fight to the ground, no matter that many UFC fans don’t seem to appreciate it.

On the other side of the Octagon, the much-experienced Lewis has had almost twice as many bouts and wins as Blaydes throughout his career.

Lewis has accumulated the most knockouts in heavyweight history: a massive nineteen out of twenty-four wins were by knockout, with 11 of them in the UFC.

Lewis’ hands clearly pack enormous power, so it will be interesting to see how Blaydes plans to evade them.

Wistfully looking to the future of this division, you’ve got to ask yourself: who will fare better against Jon Jones?

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