Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury: Eddie Hearn responds to £40 PPV rumours


The Battle of Britain is going to be one of the most fascinating fights to ever take place as Anthony Joshua takes on Tyson Fury.

With both fighters looking to get a big sum for the fight, there have been some rumours that the pay-per-view price for the fight will be on the heavier side.

In an article done by The Mail, it was suggested that the British record for pay-per-view (PPV) would be broken at £40.

This has prompted some concerns from fans and pundits alike which had lead questions being raised by talkSPORT’s Simon Jordan:

“The reality of it is, because of Joshua’s profile in America, they can’t sell the pay-per-view in America in the way they perhaps could do with Tyson Fury or other fighters.

“So they are looking at a quantity of pay-per-views; they’re going to take it to the most repugnant part of the world for human rights issues because they can get paid £120m over there for facilities fees, so the timing of that means they can’t sell it to the American market.”


Jordan later states: “And I look at it and go, ‘Hold on a second, aren’t these two Great British fighters that are supposed to represent something, why is it the fan’s incumbent responsibility to have to pay 40 or 50 per cent more because you can’t sell the fight to get the pay-per-views that you want to give the £100m each they must have?’

“We have to take it to a repugnant part of the world, where they have no human rights concerns, so they can get their £100m each that we have all accepted. I think it is wrong!”

This has prompted a response from Eddie Hearn who has rebuked the rumour, claiming that discussions on PPV haven’t started yet.


“I don’t know where these rumours come from. Again, I haven’t had any discussions about the PPV price, I certainly don’t think it’ll be £40.

“So, nothing’s been discussed, nothing’s been set. I just started getting some tweets and some DMs going, ‘You’re a disgrace! £40 PPV.’

“I was like, ‘Where’s that come from?’ No discussions. I like Simon Jordan, but I don’t know where they got that from?”

It does seem as though this is not going to be a cheap fight to view, but whether it will be a new British PPV record has yet to be seen. What are thoughts on the fight? Is boxing becoming to expensive to watch regularly?

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