Dwayne Jonson: The Rock outlines brutal new training regime for upcoming film


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has revealed that he wants to push himself to limit ahead of his upcoming DC Superhero film Black Adam.

The former WWE superstar has opened up to his fans via Instagram about some specific details regarding his new workout regime.

The first post was shared on Thursday morning where Johnson explained that his new programme requires two sessions a day, with cardio in the morning and an additional weights workout in the afternoon.

Then later in the day Johnson posted from his home gym, which the 48-year-old refers to as ‘The Iron Paradise’.

The Hollywood actor said:

“Today’s split was back and biceps, and lots of implementation of supersets, tri-sets and giant sets. Four to five exercises per set, three sets of those. And it’s a son of a b****.”

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The People’s Champion explained that all these different sets allow for shorter rest periods, making his training sessions more efficient and at the same time provide a greater muscle pump.

Most appropriately, as I am sure you gym goers know all too well, Johnson added:

“I always liken the giant sets to the fourth and fifth round of a UFC fight.”

Johnson continued to explain:

“There’s nothing like pushing and pulling and taxing your muscles and central nervous system and pushing yourself to almost what you think is your limit, and pushing yourself beyond that.”

Johnson the highlighted what a typical Friday evening session session might look like and it’s just bonkers.



This method of training is also useful if you are short on time and cannot afford to spend hours and hours in the gym.

The former WWE champion then focuses on different muscle groups for the rest of the week and then usually makes Sunday as his famous cheat day.

Indeed, Johnson has been known to put away as many as 12 pancakes in one meal!

The Black Adam star has promised more behind the scenes videos as he prepares for his highly anticipated superhero debut.

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