Elimination Chamber: The Miz wins WWE Championship after shock MITB cash-in

The Miz won the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber

The Miz captured the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber on Sunday night after cashing-in his Money in the Bank contract.

He’s been in possession of the briefcase - which guarantees any Superstar a title shot of their choice - since taking it off Otis at Hell in a Cell back in October 2020.

‘The Most Must-See Superstar in WWE’ has picked the most opportune time to cash-in ahead of WrestleMania 37, catching McIntyre off guard following the main event of Elimination Chamber.

The WWE champion had just successfully defended his belt against five opponents inside the chamber, during what was a chaotic, brutal bout.

Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton all came up short against McIntyre, but ‘The Scottish Psychopath’ stood very little chance of retaining his belt after the bout.

Before The Miz even appeared, Bobby Lashley blindsided the WWE Champ with a brutal beatdown, opening the door for Mr. Money in the Bank to cash-in.

He didn't need a second invitation, connecting with a Skull Crushing Finale to secure the pinfall against McIntyre, winning the World Championship just seven weeks ahead of WrestleMania 37. 

The Miz is WWE Champion again

What an ending to Elimination Chamber! It's fair to say the landscape of WrestleMania 37 has completely shifted. 

By capturing the WWE Title, has The Miz punched his ticket to 'The Showcase of the Immortals' in April? Or will McIntyre get the chance to win his belt back - at Fastline next month perhaps?

Lashley's involvement in the incident is certainly interesting too. He absolutely brutalised Drew to open the door for The Miz to sweep in.  

Lashley beat down McIntyre to open the door for The Miz

'The Almighty' lost his United States Championship a few hours earlier at Elimination Chamber, coming up short in a Triple Threat Match that saw Riddle pin John Morrison to capture the belt.

Perhaps Lashley's beatdown of McIntyre was more of a statement of his own intentions - rather than an assist to The Miz - to go after the WWE title in future? 

Only time will tell but one thing is certain... This week's Monday Night RAW is going to be must-see with a new WWE Champion!   

The Miz is WWE champion once again ahead of WrestleMania

What a night!

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