Dida was stretchered off after incident with fan in Celtic v AC Milan

Dida is stretchered off in Celtic vs AC Milan

Play-acting is becoming more and more prevalent in football.

It's frustrating to see players throwing themselves to the ground at every opportunity to try and get a foul.

The likes of Mohamed Salah, Harry Kane and Jack Grealish are just three Premier League players that have been accused of 'diving' in the past few years.

But no one has ever gone as far as Brazil legend, Dida.

Dida was a fantastic goalkeeper who had an incredible career.

Dida in action for AC Milan vs Celtic

But, for many, he will always be remembered for his antics on October 3, 2007.

AC Milan, the reigning Champions League winners, travelled to Celtic Park for their group stage match against the Scottish giants.

The hosts managed to win it late on when Scott McDonald found a way past Dida.

Celtic Park erupted. And one home fan got a little bit too excited.

Dida in action for AC Milan vs Celtic

As Celtic's players were celebrating in the corner, Robert McHendry ran onto the pitch to celebrate with his side.

En route to the Celtic players, he crossed Dida's path and decided to tap the Brazilian in the face as a way to goad him.

Dida, initially furious, began chasing McHendry.

After a few steps, he then decided to feign injury and he dropped to the floor.

Dida was so hurt he was unable to continue and had to be stretchered off.

Incredible scenes.

Dida's theatrics were so bad that he actually ended up getting punished.

The Brazilian was charged and banned for two games, with UEFA stating, per the Guardian: "member associations, clubs, as well as their players, officials and members, shall conduct themselves according to the principles of loyalty, integrity and sportsmanship".

Dida's play-acting will never, ever be topped.

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