Liverpool title parade: Rival fans mock 'plans' to hold June 2021 bus parade


Football fans are counting down the days until they can return to games. 

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled his roadmap out of lockdown on Monday, confirming that some fans will be able to attend matches from May 17. 

For many clubs, they will have already played their final home game of the season by then. 

The return of supporters is long overdue and you have to feel for Liverpool fans in particular. 

Kopites missed out on the chance to see Jordan Henderson lift the Premier League trophy when the Reds won their first title in 30 years back in June. 

Before that triumph, Jurgen Klopp had promised there would be a belated parade as soon as it was possible. 

"I can promise that if it happens, there will be a parade as well," Klopp told BBC Sport. "Whenever. Who cares! We only need one day when everybody is able to come and then we will do that."

No doubt the German would have envisaged the current situation ending a little sooner and it could be a full 12 months before social restrictions allow for fans to get together on the streets. 

Nevertheless, some fans have taken to Twitter and are planning to take him up on that promise. 

The trouble is, by June, all the indications point to the fact that Liverpool will have conceded their title - they won't be champions anymore. 

Klopp's men are currently 19 points off the top of the table after four consecutive Premier League defeats to Brighton, Manchester City, Leicester City and Everton. 

So, inevitably, rival fans are in stitches at the idea of Liverpool parading a trophy that isn't theirs. Let's take a look at some of the reaction: 

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Yes - the moment's probably passed. While there's nothing wrong with wanting to mark such an incredible achievement - and Liverpool certainly shouldn't be deterred by the opinions of rival fans - the practicalities of parading a trophy which by June, will probably belong to Manchester City are a stretch too far. 

That said, at this rate Liverpool fans will probably not be in celebratory mood at the end of the season anyway. 

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