Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal's Invincibles: Who is the best Premier League team ever?

Liverpool won the Premier League in the 2019/20 season

The Liverpool side that won the Premier League last season was astonishingly good.

Solid in defence and clinical in attack, Liverpool accumulated 99 points and were close to becoming the second team to go a Premier League season unbeaten.

Despite a late wobble, they managed to finish 18 points above second-placed Man City.

But are they the best Premier League champions of all-time?

GQ Magazine have ranked all 28 teams to have won the Premier League from worst to best.

Jurgen Klopp won the Premier League with Liverpool in 2020

We've listed their rankings below. Click here to view their reasoning for where every team is placed.

28. Manchester United (1996/97)

27. Arsenal (1997/98)

26. Manchester United (1998/99)

Manchester United's treble winners

25. Manchester United (2010/11)

24. Manchester United (2002/03)

23. Manchester United (1992/93)

22. Manchester United (1995/96)

21. Leicester City (2015/16)

20. Manchester United (2000/01)

19. Blackburn Rovers (1994/95)

18. Arsenal (2001/02)

17. Chelsea (2014/15)

Leicester's Premier League champions

16. Manchester United (2007/08)

15. Manchester United (2008/09)

14. Manchester United (2012/13)

13. Manchester City (2013/14)

12. Chelsea (2009/10)

11. Manchester United (1999/2000)

10. Manchester City (2011/12)

9. Manchester United (2006/07)

8. Arsenal (2003/04)

Arsenal's Invincibles

7. Manchester United (1993/94)

6. Chelsea (2005/06)

5. Chelsea (2016/17)

4. Chelsea (2004/05)

3. Manchester City (2018/19)

2. Liverpool (2019/20)

1. Manchester City (2017/18)

Manchester City's 'Centurions'

United have won the Premier League a ridiculous 13 times but, according to GQ, six of their teams have been among the seven worst in history.

The worst side to have won the league since 1992 is United's 1996/97 winning side, which 'only' won 21 games.

Just ahead of them are the Arsenal side that won it all in 1997, while United's treble winners are ranked third worst.

While they conquered on all fronts, United's historic 1998/1999 are ranked so low given they only won the league by a point.

Elsewhere, Leicester's 'Incredibles' are ranked 21st, two spots worse off than Kenny Dalglish's Blackburn team.

Manchester City's 'Centurions'

Arsenal's 'Invincibles' are only ranked 8th, which seems very harsh given they are the only team to never lose a game in a Premier League campaign.

Jose Mourinho's Chelsea finish fourth, behind the Man City side that accumulated 98 points and narrowly saw off Liverpool  in 2019.

The Liverpool side that won the league under Jurgen Klopp were brilliant but they didn't do enough to earn top spot.

Instead, it is Pep Guardiola's 'Centurions' that are ranked the best in Premier League history.

They won 32 of their Premier League games, scored 106 goals and won the league by 19 points.

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