Gaming: Study reveals how much of the global population now plays video games


The concept of people gaming has been around for years, but recently we have seen an increase in the number of people who are losing themselves in the gaming world.

According to a news report published by DFC Intelligence, there was nearly 3.1 billion video game consumers by the mid-2020.

The world’s population is around 8 billion people, meaning almost 40% of the population are playing video games.

When you think about a gamer you might envision them on their PC or console. Surprisingly, the fastest growing and largest area of these gamers is on mobile.

Mobile gamers count for nearly half the amount of the gaming population.  Even more surprising is that only 8% of those 3.1 billion are on a console.

The console gamers statistically spend more time gaming, according to the report.


It’ll come as no surprise that 1.5 billion (48%) of global video game consumers favour PC, the report does mention that these often overlap with some gamers playing on all three platforms.

The report allowed us to gain an insight into what part of the world these gamer’s bedrooms are in.

The DFC report found Asia reigns supreme in its vast amount of gamers. Nearly 1.42 billion paying game consumers reside in the East continent.

That is almost half the gamers in the world, which is truly crazy. In second place and quite a bit off the top is Europe.


Nearly 668 million paying game consumers live in Europe, next is Latin America with 383 million. North America trails behind by a fair amount here with 261 million.

These numbers aren’t too surprising when you think about the current world predicament. With COVID-19 causing pain and loss throughout the world, many are encouraged to stay indoors.

Whether it is playing FIFA, GTA or even Candy Crush, people find gaming as a form of escapism, a way to even for a moment forget the current climate of the world.

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