Lionel Messi: Barcelona star refused to be substituted under Luis Enrique in 2014

Lionel Messi and Luis Enrique at Barcelona

Kepa Arrizabalaga infamously refused to be substituted in the Carabao Cup final exactly two years ago.

After Kepa went down with a hamstring injury, Maurizio Sarri made the decision to replace him with Willy Cabaellero.

But Kepa decided he could continue and defied Sarri's orders.

That left the Italian manager fuming, while many, including John Terry and Jose Mourinho, criticised Kepa.

"Once your number goes up you have to come off and show a bit of respect,” Terry said, per the Independent. “Deal with that after. That’s the last thing the players want.

Lionel Messi in action for Barcelona

"It’s certainly not the end of it it’s clouded a good performance. It’s taken the shin off a good performance, it’s disappointing. We’ll see what happens."

While those scenes were extraordinary, players have refused to come off before. Including Lionel Messi.

In 2014, the Argentine forward was in action for Barcelona against Espanyol.

Barca were 3-0 up with 15 minutes remaining and manager Luis Enrique wanted to substitute Messi off the pitch to give him some rest.

But Messi, like Kepa, wasn't having any of it.

He put his thumbs up to Enrique and kept walked further up the pitch while completely ignoring his manager.

Watch the moment below:

Enrique knew there was no convincing Messi so he ended up replacing Neymar instead.

The Brazilian was happy to come off and he made way for Munir El Haddadi.

Enrique played down the incident in his post-match interview.

"Before making changes, we generally ask the players and we make the decision afterwards," he said, per ESPN.

Lionel Messi in action for Barcelona

"What happened can be interpreted many ways, depending on who it serves. I will carry on doing what I have been doing.

"I have to take everything into account, but I trust in how he feels and what he tells me.

"Sometimes I look around me on the bench and think how lucky we are to have Messi. For us it is not just about what he does on the pitch. He is also a great motivator for his teammates."

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