Fury, Tyson, Mayweather: Boxers name their all time GOAT


Boxing fans around the world seem split on who they think is the greatest boxer of all-time.

Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather are just a few names that have been tossed around in this debate.

However, it isn’t just fans who are getting involved in this but boxing stars themselves.

Lennox Lewis – Evander Holyfield

Lewis has favoured his former US opponent and named him as his toughest opponent.

The British boxing legend hung up his gloves with an impressive record of 41-2-1, with his final fights coming against Klitschko and Tyson Fury. 

When talking about Holyfield on Instagram, Lennox Lewis said:


“When you combine Evander’s amateur and professional experience, you would be hard-pressed not to see the kind of success he’s had in the ring.

“I may tease him a bit on our two fights, he knows I won both fights even though he won’t admit it, but in all seriousness, he’s the only man that has gone 24 rounds with me.”

Conor McGregor – Prince Naseem Hamed

The Notorious one was asked to name his favourite boxer during the build-up to his fight with Floyd Mayweather. 

McGregor mentioned Muhammad Ali and Chris Eubank Sr but ultimately chose Prince Naseem Hamed.  Prince Naseem had a 37-1 record and rose to stardom in the 1990s.


When asked in 2017, McGregor said: “Roy Jones, I like Roy Jones a lot and have been a big fan of his. Muhammad Ali, of course. There’s been a lot throughout history.

“Prince Naseem is another one. Historically, Ali, Roy Jones, Prince Naseem.”

Canelo Alvarez – Muhammad Ali

The Mexican fighter does not doubt who his pick is. When photographed in training footage from 2016, Alvarez was sporting an Ali shirt. When someone asked him why he was wearing the shirt, Alvarez replied: “The best. The best.”

Floyd Mayweather – Himself (Roberto Duran 2nd)

The 50-0 American fighter has dubbed himself to be the greatest of all time. He then labelled Duran behind him before putting Ali at 5th.


When speaking about himself in the third person Mayweather said: “He’s beat more world champions than any other fighter in a shorter time and less fights than any other fighter.

“Landed punches at the highest percentage and took less punishment. He’s been world champion 18 years in five different weight divisions.”

Tyson Fury – Himself

Here we have another boxer who backs his ability in the ring. When speaking about where he ranks in history Fury said:


“There isn’t a heavyweight from any era in the last one thousand years that could’ve tackled me or beat me.

Mike Tyson – Muhammad Ali

Iron Mike has a 50-6 record and many believe his ferocious style would’ve beaten anybody, including Ali. Tyson doesn’t quite share this sentiment and said: “I know it’s a fantasy game.

“Most likely I would win the fantasy, I wouldn’t win the real fight. Ali’s the greatest there’s ever been.”


Anthony Joshua – Mike Tyson

During an Instagram live feed for JD Sport, somebody asked the Brit who he believes would win out of Ali and Tyson.

The 31-year-old went on record saying he believes with the technology in Tyson’s era that Iron Mike would’ve beaten Muhammad Ali.

Joshua said: “I just believe Tyson was better schooled because times have evolved, he was more developed with more science, more information. So Tyson would have won – in my humble opinion.”

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