Barcelona's Lionel Messi showed his class when Elche goalkeeper asked for his jersey

  • Kobe Tong

Lionel Messi was walking on water during Barcelona’s win over Elche on Wednesday night.

The Blaugrana came into the La Liga clash on the back of a disappointing week that saw them drop points against Cadiz and suffer a gut-wrenching 4-1 defeat against Paris Saint-Germain.

However, hosting relegation candidates at Cam Nou proved to be the perfect tonic as they romped their way to a 3-0 victory with Messi standing out as Barcelona’s star player.

Barcelona 3-0 Elche

But the three points weren’t handed to Ronald Koeman on a platinum platter because there were real concerns about another slip-up as the Catalan giants entered the half-time break at 0-0.

Nevertheless, that clearly fired up Messi because he really grabbed the game by the scruff of the neck in the second-half, scoring two goals to move clear in the race for the Pichichi trophy.

His first strike came courtesy of a beautiful back-heel assist from Martin Braithwaite, while his second saw some astonishing penalty area composure after Frenkie de Jong’s solo run.


Messi making headlines

And by the time Jordi Alba fired Barcelona into a 3-0 lead, the home side’s skipper could relax in the knowledge that his astonishing second-half performance had wrapped up a La Liga victory.

However, Messi’s brilliance didn’t end with the final whistle because the 33-year-old’s behaviour after the game has been going viral on social media.

That’s because Elche goalkeeper Edgar Badia went over to the Baca star to ask him for his jersey after the game, prompting a moment of class from Messi that caught out the opponent himself.


Messi shows his class at FT

Naturally, Messi obliged and handed over his jersey, but Badia amusingly did a double-take when the Ballon d’Or winner insisted upon receiving his kit in return.

Now, that might just seem like common courtesy, but it’s the reaction of Badia that makes it such a heartwarming moment and Messi himself couldn’t help laughing at the fact it caught him off guard.

But trust us when we say that the exchange is better appreciated in the footage than simply via description, so be sure to check out the viral video down below:

Yes, Edgar, Messi really did want your jersey. Pinch yourself.

Pinch yourself moment for Badia

It must be a pretty surreal moment to line up against one of the greatest sportspeople of all time, period, never mind knowing that your kit might be heading back home with him afterwards.

It’s impossible to know whether Messi will erect Badia’s jersey alongside some of the more famous names on his wall of football kits, but you can be certain that it will take pride of place somewhere.


Well, actually, then again, we’re not sure it will be quite as treasured as Messi’s jersey will be to Badia, but it’s the thought that counts. Stay classy, Lionel.

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