FIFA 21: What are the best FIFA games?


What is the best FIFA game of all time?

It’s a question which often stirs up debate among the legions of fans of the most popular football game.

EA sport’s annual release continues to break records and sell millions of copies worldwide, however, not every one is always warmly received.

A tier list has been published ranking the best FIFA games since 2005 (so an honourable mention to FIFA 03 and FIFA 04) and it will no doubt cause some controversy.

Ranking from ‘Immortal’ down to ‘Give me money back’, check out where your favourite comes in.

Top of the pile we have FIFA Football 2005 and FIFA 15. It seems many agreed with this sentiment with FIFA 15 being the best-selling game of the series.

Known for it’s iconic tracklist, FIFA 15’s slick gameplay and incredible realism was unparalleled, with all 20 Premier league stadiums included for the first time.


Next in the pecking order at ‘Great’, we see FIFA 06. A game with great opening scenes, a throwback mode to FIFA 94 and a manager mode that allowed you to sign with your own sponsor or dictate your own ticket prices are just some of the things fans have yearned for in recent years.

FIFA 06 is joined by the likes of FIFA 11, where Be a Goalkeeper was introduced, and FIFA 14 which was the first game to be used on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles that enabled the atmosphere at stadiums to come to life.

FIFA 12 is among the games listed as ‘Pretty Good’. A game which felt more in-touch with reality than ever before with real life fixtures being used in career modes and an addictive challenge mode where you had to change the outcome of a recent match played that week with only a limited time to do so.


Alongside that are FIFA 17 and FIFA 18, two of the most ground-breaking games of the series in recent years. FIFA 17 saw the introduction of the Frostbite engine for the first time, leading to incredible graphics and gameplay some feel are better than the games that followed it.

The two games also gave us the much-welcome and well-received game mode, The Journey. Rather than just playing match after match, fans were immersed in the story of Alex Hunter, a 17-year-old trying to make his way to the top where your actions and decisions influenced his career path.

Full of twists and emotions, Hunter’s rollercoaster ride was unpredictable and had several little enjoyable tasks such as playing in the Favela’s in Brazil to training in the streets of Clapham.


The Journey came to an end in FIFA 19, which we see in the penultimate category, ‘Bit of an own goal’.

Despite the constant improvements in technology and the money and time spent in making a FIFA game, it is a rather damning verdict of EA that their last three releases are in the bottom two tiers.

Coming last, we have the most recent games released, FIFA 20 and FIFA 21, both have often been viewed as big disappointment.

Accusations of scripting continue to emerge with the ball seemingly refusing to hit the back of the net for one user, with their opponent having a three shot, three goal ratio. It doesn’t end there.

Indescribable defending and over-powered long shots are to the despair of thousands, career mode continuing to have little-to-no improvement and VOLTA proving a waste of time for many, despite promising a return of FIFA Street that fans have wished for.

Do you agree?

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