Bobby Lashley says 'doing the dirty work' in WWE has earned him title shot

Lashley has a shot at the WWE Title on RAW

Bobby Lashley will challenge for the WWE Championship on next week’s RAW. 

Should he de-throne The Miz on Monday night, ‘The Almighty’ will finally take his place at the top of the card, asserting once and for all his dominance over the Red Brand.

That, interestingly, is the spot that many fans have been desperate to see Lashley in since he returned to WWE in April 2018. 

But his journey to get to this moment hasn’t exactly been easy. 

It’s only in the last 12 months that Bobby has established himself as one of the company’s top stars, doing so with an incredible run as United States Champion while leading The Hurt Business stable. 

If Lashley does capture the WWE Title next week, it will surely be the biggest win of his impressive career and a far cry from the spot he was put in when he returned three years ago. 

While his talent was clear for all to see from the very moment he stepped back onto the RAW roster in April 2018, it’s taken a long time to rise to the top of the card. 

Lashley speaks about his upcoming WWE Title shot

But, that’s all part of the business and Lashley himself knew that – even if it was a little frustrating at first. Speaking to GIVEMESPORT, he revealed: 

“You know what, at the beginning I thought that because of who I was, what I did and what I’m capable of doing, that I should have been at the top as soon as I walked back in.

“But that’s not how it works. Sometimes you have to do the work and pay your dues. WWE is no different. They weren’t going to let somebody come back in and go straight to the top. 

Lashley had an impressive run as US Champion

I know I paid my dues before and when I wasn’t in the WWE, but coming back I felt I would have to grovel and do some of the dirty work.

“But ultimately, I knew [one day] I’d be where I need to be and deserve to be, which is right on top.” 

It’s fair to say that Lashley is ready to take the WWE Championship from The Miz next week after finally ascending to a position that many fans have been desperate to see him in. 

Lashley gets a shot at the WWE Championship on RAW

But will he be able to get the job done and capture the title ahead of WrestleMania 37? We’ll find out on Monday Night RAW. 

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