Boxing: Terrifying KO in South African boxing series folds man in half


A monster knockout has gone viral from a professional fight in Cape Town, South Africa.

It’s fair to say you will not have seen as brutal of a punch in a while. The video comes from the professional debut of fighter Wassim Chellan and it’s a sight to behold.

According to, Chellan is currently the 16th ranked Welterweight in South Africa but with a knockout of this nature, he’ll be earmarked for big fights down the line.

His next bout is scheduled against South Africa’s 15th Ranked lightweight, Mvuso Kotobe.

This suggests he will drop down to a lower weight division, most likely amplifying the South African’s natural punching power on display in the video.

The unfortunate recipient of the killer blow was a Congolese fighter named Yann Lenvo.

We see his body almost fold in half after the powerful left hook lands flush on his chin. Given the horrific nature of the knockout it’s important to send well-wishes to Lenvo and hope that he has recovered from the shot.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Reaction to the video has been immense online, one Twitter user responded by saying:

“It’s not very often when I see a KO and want to puke.”

The dynamite gloved Chellan evades a flurry from Lenvo before displaying tremendous accuracy to land his punch right where every boxer wants it.

His opponent’s legs buckle from beneath him and is sent into shutdown mode leading to him folding like a napkin, the only thing missing from the video is the microsoft jingle.

The tweet was followed up with a ringside view of the same punch, more clearly displaying the immense skill of Chellan.

If you haven’t seen the video then approach with caution, some viewers may find the K.O disturbing.

Who knows what the future will hold for Chellan, but if he keeps landing shots like that then it’s bound to be bright

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