WWE news: Baron Corbin looked completely unrecognisable 10 years ago


Baron Corbin has made the transfer from NFL player to WWE Superstar look a seamless one.

So much so, he has now been involved with WWE for almost 10 years.

However, after a sharing picture of himself back in 2011, it illustrates the sacrifice that he made to get to where he is today.

Before joining WWE, Corbin was in the NFL, first with the Indianapolis Colts and then the Arizona Cardinals.

When he left the NFL, he was a far larger man then what we see on our screens today.

He joked in a picture that he posted on Instagram, saying: “Quick question, was it the shirt that made me look fat or my fat that made me look fat? Yeah, the beard didn’t do me any favors either. That’s 332lbs drink it in! Post game pic with my boy @pauly_tamale in 2011”

Since making the switch to professional wrestling, he is rumoured to have lost up to 50lbs.


At 6ft 7, he is a bigger than most anyway, but to lose that amount of weight and change sports is impressive.

WWE Career

Corbin has come a long way in his career. He has been King of the Ring since 2019, and is one of the big stars on the SmackDown roster, currently feuding with the Mysterio family.

Corbin is using his platform to inspire others on his fitness journey, by regularly sharing his workout videos and documenting the variety of his methods, from weightlifting to cycling.

He drew praise recently from another legendary King of the Ring and WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who detailed his admiration for Corbin and spoke of how his is “stepping up.”


“I appreciate all the Kings that have come along, but Corbin has really taken the role just like I did, he’s believed in the role to create, you know, for me, my own world, the SmackDown world, the SmackDown kingdom. This is something that Corbin has been trying to recreate.”

It certainly seems the change in career and body shape has all been worth it for the big man.

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