Fernando Torres completes transformation to beast as new gym pic emerges

  • Rob Swan

Fernando Torres wasn’t small in stature during his playing days, but he certainly wasn’t a powerhouse either.

Most top centre-backs would have fancied their chances against the Spaniard in a physical battle.

That’s not to suggest that he was a weak centre-forward. He just wasn’t a Didier Drogba, for example.

Torres brought the curtain down on his illustrious career in 2019, following a year with Japanese side Sagan Tosu, and has since hit the headlines after recent images emerged showing the retired striker looking unexpectedly hench.

It’s safe to assume that the former Liverpool and Chelsea star has spent *a lot* of his time post-retirement inside the gym.


Another photo has now emerged showing Torres inside a gym and the 36-year-old is looking even bigger.

Check it out…


Blimey. Imagine if Torres was built like that during his Liverpool days. He would have been unstoppable!

Let’s check out some of the reaction on Twitter…

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Is Torres bulking up for something in particular? WWE, perhaps?

After last month’s images emerged, WWE on BT Sport posted the following tweet:


Curiously, Torres stepped down from his role as an assistant coach to the technical team of Atletico Madrid B recently due to personal reasons.

Spanish newspaper AS reported that these personal reasons were “nothing major”, though, and it’s expected that Torres will return to Atleti in March to continue gaining work experience.


But the fact his temporary hiatus has coincided with him hitting the gym has sparked speculation that Torres has something surprising up his sleeve.

Watch this space…

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