Video of WWE star Big E breaking bench press record at John Cena's gym

WWE star Big E impressed Cena back in 2011 by breaking a record

Big E is on the best run of his career right now. 

Since being split from his New Day stablemates in the WWE Draft last October, the SmackDown Superstar has gone on to win the Intercontinental Championship.

This is actually his second run with the belt on the main roster and on top of that, Big E has previously held eight Tag Team Championships and the NXT Title. 

Now though, he looks a different beast. In fact, the Intercontinental Championship might only be the start this time around. 

Big E is WWE Intercontinental Champion

Many fans are hoping to see 'E' go on to challenge Roman Reigns in the near future, touting him as a future world champion. 

While it's taken over eight years (since his main roster debut in 2012) to get to this dominant position, one thing has always been clear. 

Big E has always been an incredible athlete - and a clip from his recently released WWE 24 doc proves it. 

Big E is dominating in WWE

Back in 2011, while he was in FCW (WWE's developmental territory before NXT) Big E and a number of other up and coming stars took a trip to John Cena's Hard Knocks South gym.

While there, a young Big E set a bench press record, lifting 575 pounds.

Check out the clip below: 

Damn Big E, that's impressive! Just look at the reactions of those around him - everyone knew that was a massive deal.

Even Cena himself paid tribute to the young star's effort beforehand, saying:

"We have a number one gym record attempt. This is a 575 raw bench, which puts him [Big E] in a very elite class with the world. Let's hope he f****** gets it!" 

Cena was impressed with Big E's attempt

It's fair to say he got it! Even back in 2011, Big E was a beast and he's proving that every single week in WWE. If he can bench 575, throwing Roman Reigns around should be no problem...

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