WWE news: The Rock was suspended from school for beating up kids who called wrestling fake

WWE icon The Rock was suspended from school for protecting the business

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is WWE's greatest icon. 

He was the man who electrified audiences every single time he stepped into the ring and without him, the Attitude Era may not have exploded the way it did. 

What The Rock has since gone on to achieve after leaving the pro-wrestling business is a further testament to the star he is. 

To say he's cracked Hollywood is an understatement.

In fact, he'll go down as one of the most recognisable celebrities of all time... and it all started in WWE. 

As the first-ever third-generation wrestler, The Rock has always been fiercely loyal to the business that made him. 

It's no secret that he looked up to his father, Rocky Johnson and sometimes, that got him into trouble as a kid. 

The Rock was in WWE from a young age

In a recent episode of NBC's Young Rock, one scene shows a teenage Johnson knocking out a classmate after he called wrestling fake. 

After the show aired, The Rock took to Twitter to reveal that was true and explained how he got suspended from school on two separate occasions.  

"Yup it sure did happen. Twice. I pile drived a kid in elementary. KO’d a kid in high school. Got suspended both times," he wrote.

"I was wrong. But back in the 80s I was taught by my dad and all the wrestlers to always 'protect the business'. It’s what we did." 

The Rock shared stories from his childhood on Twitter

Let's be honest... we've all seen how big Johnson was - even as a teenager - so to call wrestling fake in front of him is just a stupid idea. 

You've got to respect him for 'protecting the business' from such a young age too... he was clearly always meant for WWE.  

We look forward to The Rock sharing more gems from his childhood as the series of Young Rock continues. There must have been a lot they couldn't squeeze into those 30-minute episodes! 

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