Steven Gerrard's insight into high performance is a lesson for us all

Steven Gerrard

There seem few better people around to explain exactly what high performance means than Steven Gerrard. 

The only player to have scored in a League Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Cup and Champions League final, the Liverpool legend’s playing career was littered with stories of him raising the level of his teammates and taking games by the scruff of the neck. 

After all, this is a man who led his club’s famous comeback against AC Milan in the Champions League final of 2005. When he speaks, people tend to listen. 

Which is exactly why we should be taking as much as we can from his interview with Jake Humphrey on The High Performance Podcast.

In order to help you do that and try to take as many pearls of wisdom away from the discussion as possible, GIVEMESPORT have complied the biggest three takeaways. 

High Performance: The Steven Gerrard definition 

One of the most interesting parts of the discussion is always how each individual defines high performance. Indeed, given the wide range of guests they welcome, it’s fascinating to hear the different approaches and thoughts they have towards it. 

In Gerrard’s eyes, it’s about finding a level you are happy with and constantly striving towards reaching it on a consistent basis. 

“To me, it’s a level.

“It’s obviously finding that level that’s close to the top, if not at the top.

“Then it’s about finding consistency, to try and maintain that over a period of time.” 

Steven Gerrard


The term ‘auto-pilot’ may not be something you’d necessarily associate with high performance but, interestingly, the current Rangers manager talked of how he found that mode of thinking helpful. 

Clearly, there’s a method behind that. Once you’ve found the level he spoke of earlier through hard work and reflection, you can then feel comfortable enough to operate it without thinking too much. 

That kind of muscle memory is indicative of someone who has spent years trying to get there and can then rely on that work to get through high-pressure situations. 

“I always found my best performance were when I was on auto-pilot and I committed everything, I let it go.” 

The Changing of Roles 

While, of course, we are all not former England captains taking over a team as big as Rangers, the thinking Gerrard had when making the transition between player and manager is pertinent to anyone changing roles. 

Whether that comes through a promotion or a new job entirely, it’s important to take stock of the task at hand rather than rest on your laurels. Even in your personal life, the landscape sometimes changes and we must focus on what’s ahead of us, rather than what we have done before. 

“I had a few days and weeks to prepare for what I was going to say,” he said of his move into management. 

“The key thing for me was to let them know that, I’m not standing here addressing you as Steven Gerrard the player.

“I’m not going to think I’m this person because I’ve had a decent football career. 

“This is me, here, to try and help support you and improve you as a group.”

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