Man City, Barcelona, Bayern Munich: What are the longest winning streaks since 2000?

Manchester City are simply unstoppable right now.

It's crazy to think that Pep Guardiola's side are effectively nailed on for their third Premier League title in four years when they were languishing in fifth place as recently as January 3.

And without a single point dropped in the Premier League since Christmas, there looks to be no chance of the Citizens being denied their shot at glory by Liverpool and the chasing pack.

Man City: Simply unstoppable

However, what makes the current City rampage all the more impressive is that their winning streak has pervaded all competitions as they once again set their sights on winning the quadruple.

The four-time Premier League champions have one foot in the Champions League quarter-finals, have qualified for the last eight of the FA Cup and will contest the Carabao Cup final in April.

In fact, to find out the last time that City failed to win a game in any of their competitions, you have to go back to the 1-1 draw with West Bromwich Albion on December 15.

Longest winning streaks

And if it's just dawning on you how remarkably long ago that was, then fear not, because you'd be correct in thinking that City's purple patch is one for the history books.

According to Transfermarkt, Guardiola's men currently boast the third-longest winning streak from a club in Europe's top five leagues in all competitions since the turn of the century. Madness.

And so, be sure to do yourselves a favour and check out the full top 20 down below to see who City have already overtaken as well as the only two sides to have won more games on the bounce.

20. Arsenal (March-May 2000) - 12 wins

19. Sevilla (April-September 2006) - 12 wins

18. Arsenal (August-October 2007) - 12 wins

17. Paris Saint-Germain (April-August 2015) - 12 wins

16. Bayern Munich (August-October 2015) - 12 wins

15. Arsenal (March-August 2002) - 13 wins

14. Inter Milan (November 2007-January 2008) - 13 wins

13. Bayern Munich (November 2009-February 2010) - 13 wins

12. Atletico Madrid (August-October 2012) - 13 wins

11. Bayern Munich (December 2013-March 2014) - 13 wins

10. Juventus (December 2015-February 2016) - 13 wins

9. Lyon (August-November 2006) - 14 wins

8. Bayern Munich (December 2017-February 2018) - 14 wins

7. Real Madrid (September-December 2011) - 15 wins

6. Bordeaux (March-August 2009) - 16 wins

5. Paris Saint-Germain (December 2015-February 2016) - 16 wins

4. Barcelona (October 2005-January 2006) - 18 wins

3. Manchester City (December 2020-present) - 20 wins

2. Real Madrid (September-December 2014) - 22 wins

1. Bayern Munich (February-September 2020) - 23 wins

Bow down to City

Could there be any clearer evidence of City's greatness?

It's been well publicised that the Citizens hold the record for the most consecutive wins in English football, but it's staggering to think that they're the only Premier League representative in the top 10.

And there's good reason to think that Guardiola will lead them to the record itself as they line up against Wolves, Manchester United, Southampton and Fulham for their next four games.

However, even if City do make history by winning 24 games on the bounce, there's not a trophy for doing so and their European greatness won't truly be appreciated until they finally win the Champions League...

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