MMA injury: Fighter suffers horrific leg break at Urban Fight Night 24


Dean Maxwell and Randall Ray were duking it out at Urban Fight Night 24 in Sydney, Australia, right before a a calf kick from hell put the former in the most excruciating pain.

Just 20 seconds into the fight, Maxwell failed to doge what initially seemed like a harmless kick to the right leg from Ray. Soon after getting up and putting weight on it, however, the bone shattered and Maxwell fell to the canvas in agony.

Maxwell’s scream resonated across the entire arena, and in the midst of that, Ray was lining up a final strike to finish off his opponent, but the referee intervened just in time and stopped the contest.

Gruesome replays showed that Maxwell’s leg was at a 90-degree angle before he dropped to the canvas.

While Ray celebrated, Maxwell received immediate treatment, as the stricken-fighter’s leg was seen dangling down as he tried to lift it up.

It now feels quite ironic that Ray’s nickname in MMA is in fact 'The Limb Reaper.’

But despite Ray’s victory, the cameras stayed on Maxwell, with the fighter now set for quite the road to recovery.

MMA Junkie reported that Maxwell broke both his fibula and tibia and will not be able to walk for three months post-surgery.

It is rare that a calf kick would result in bone wreckage, as the main objective of the kick is to simply devitalise an opponent’s movement.

A similar incident occurred in UFC eight years ago, where Anderson Silva suffered a horrific leg break during his middleweight title fight against Chris Weidman. The injury left the Brazilian legend out for a year.

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