Roy Keane, Alex Scott, Rio Ferdinand: Who is the most popular pundit?

All of us have our favourite and least favourite pundits.

Names of these pundits will often trend on social media during and after matches. They regularly make headlines both on websites (this one included) and the back pages of Britain’s newspapers.

But who are the most popular and least popular pundits in the UK right now?

BetVictor have conducted some research and you might be surprised by some of the findings.

Curiously, there’s no place in either top 10 for Gary Neville or Jamie Carragher. Sky Sports’ two lead pundits presumably divide opinion too much to make either the best-loved or most-trolled top 10.

Top 10 best-loved football pundits

10. Glenn Hoddle (Positive sentiment: 61%)

One of BT Sport’s pundits, the former England manager is a decent co-commentator. We’re a little surprised he’s made the top 10 best-loved pundits, mind.

9. Alex Scott (Positive sentiment: 63%)

Alex Scott usually ends up trending on Twitter whenever she’s on Sky Sports, but it’s nice to see that she currently receives mostly positive sentiment for her punditry.

=7. Dion Dublin (Positive sentiment: 67%)

After using his “stairs leading up to the bedroom” catchphrase during January’s FA Cup clash between Marine and Tottenham, it’s no surprise to see big Dion inside the top 10.

=7. Alan Shearer (Positive sentiment: 67%)

Alan Shearer wasn’t a popular pundit initially, but the Newcastle United legend is now one of the best and most experienced in the business. It’s unlikely he’ll ever return to management.

6. Lee Dixon (Positive sentiment: 70%)

Few pundits can analyse the game as well as Lee Dixon, who pops up on ITV whenever England are playing.

5. Ian Wright (Positive sentiment: 75%)

Everyone loves Wrighty, don’t they? Well, except maybe Tottenham fans.

=3. Rio Ferdinand (Positive sentiment: 78%)

Rio Ferdinand is an excellent pundit and if you’re not convinced, you’re not listening closely enough. The Manchester United legend works on all the big Champions League nights for BT Sport.

=3. Micah Richards (Positive sentiment: 78%)

Micah Richards has been a breath of fresh air since joining Sky Sports’ line-up of pundits. His unlikely bromance with Roy Keane has been one of the TV highlights of 2020-21.

2. Chris Kamara (Positive sentiment: 80%)

Like Ian Wright, Chris Kamara is almost universally popular. You’d need to be a proper misery not to find Kammy endearing and often hilarious.

1. Rachel Brown-Finnis (Positive sentiment: 81%)

We didn’t expect to see Rachel Brown-Finnis in top spot, but the former England Women’s goalkeeper has clearly made a big impact on football fans to receive 81% positive sentiment.

Top 10 most-trolled football pundits

10. Roy Keane (Negative sentiment: 48%)

Ah, come on now. There’s no way Keano should be in the most-trolled section. We’re sure the fearsome Manchester United legend can handle it, mind.

9. Chris Sutton (Negative sentiment: 50%)

An underrated pundit, for our money. His dry sense of humour and sarcasm isn’t appreciated by all viewers.

8. Graeme Souness (Negative sentiment: 55%)

Graeme ‘back in my day’ Souness is one of Sky Sports’ main pundits. His old school views mean some, rightly or wrongly, see him as a bit of a dinosaur.

7. Jamie Redknapp (Negative sentiment: 56%)

Jamie Redknapp is harmless and his passion for the game always shines through, so it’s a bit disappointing to see that he receives quite a lot of stick.

=5. Sue Smith (Negative sentiment: 59%)

We don’t tend to see Sue Smith that often, so it’s quite surprising to see she makes the list of most-trolled pundits.

=5. Jermaine Jenas (Negative sentiment: 59%)

Jermaine Jenas seems to be on everything these days. You can’t escape him. That said, he’s not the worst pundit in the world by any means.

4. Martin Keown (Negative sentiment: 60%)

It’s rare to see Martin Keown crack a smile whenever he’s providing punditry. You get the impression he takes all aspects of life extremely seriously.

3. Karen Carney (Negative sentiment: 63%)

Poor Karen was forced to delete her Twitter account back in January after being mocked by Leeds United and their fans. Hopefully she grows stronger from that unfortunate incident and feels confident to continue working as a pundit.

2. Steve McManaman (Negative sentiment: 66%)

Some find Steve McManaman hard work to listen to on big Champions League nights on BT Sport. The former Liverpool and Real Madrid star is often pulled up on social media for saying ‘Fletch’ (the nickname of lead commentator Darren Fletcher) every five seconds.

1. Garth Crooks (Negative sentiment: 90%)

Sorry, Garth, but we’re not surprised to see these stats. Your Team of the Week shouts on BBC Sport’s website are often puzzling to say the least.

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