Arsenal's Hector Bellerin wasn't recognised and called a 'hipster' by presenter at Grand Prix

Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin has had a very good career so far.

The Spanish full-back made his debut for Arsenal in 2013 and has gone on to make 232 appearances for the club.

Now 25, Bellerin is one of the most recognisable players in the Premier League and he is known by football fans across the world.

However, a few years back, Bellerin was involved in some awkward moments where Sky Sports presenters had no idea who he was.

In June 2018, the Arsenal full-back attended the Canadian Grand Prix during his summer break.

Hector Bellerin in action for Arsenal

Bellerin was chatting to model Winnie Harlow when he was interrupted by pundit Martin Brundle.

Brundle, seemingly having no clue who Bellerin was, said: “Do you mind if I cut in, talking to this beautiful lady, would you be terribly offended?”

Bellerin accepted the request but, moments later, he was not recognised again, this time by Ted Kravitz.

With the cameras focusing on the Premier League star, Kravitz said: "Some hipsters around here with shaved hair and shorts and cool rose-coloured glasses.

“He looks quite cool, that guy in the singlet, doesn’t he? Right, sorry, I got distracted by the hipsters.”

TV gold. The two moments are being shared on social media once again and you can view them below.

Poor Bellerin. He was just trying to enjoy his holiday break in peace.

Bellerin has spent his whole career at the Gunners but John Barnes believes it's time that the club let him go.

"If he said he doesn’t want to stay at Arsenal, then they should let him go," he said, per the Metro. "The team should only be interested in players who want to play through both good and bad times.

Hector Bellerin at Arsenal

"Bellerin is part of the reason as to why Arsenal is a club in transition and not currently playing well.

"Players always aspire to play in the best team in the world and win loads of trophies, but if everybody did that then all the best players would be at one club.

"I wouldn’t want a player like Bellerin at my club, if your team isn’t performing well, you want players who want to help the team perform better not ones who talk about leaving mid-season when the team is going through a rough patch. He owes more to Arsenal than to do that."

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