WWE news: Why Vince McMahon had serious doubts over upcoming Netflix doc

McMahon wasn't convinced about WWE's upcoming Netflix doc

Vince McMahon will be the subject of an upcoming Netflix documentary. 

Back in October, WWE announced they will work with the streaming giants to produce a high-budget series focused on the life of sports entertainment's biggest name. 

While wrestling fans were very excited about the initial announcement, it seems McMahon himself was not. 

In fact, WWE's chairman and CEO had serious doubts about the docuseries before it was commissioned and even claimed 'nobody would be interested' in his story.   

That's according to Triple H, who has been speaking about the upcoming doc. 

"Prior to now, Vince was always hesitant to do it. While Mr. McMahon is one of the most epic characters ever, he doesn't see himself as part of the programming," The Game told Fightful.

"When you ask him about those things, he goes, 'Nobody is interested in me. They want to know about the stars and performers.' 

McMahon had serious doubts about upcoming Netflix doc

"The truth is, they do [want to know about Vince]. The most difficult thing with Vince's life is making it succinct. Every chapter of his life is a whole unbelievable story.

"His story is amazing, all the things he's been through, the trials and tribulations of getting to where he is.

"No one gives him the credit, they just see this billion-dollar global empire he's created and see him as the evil tyrant businessman." 

McMahon is aware of his public perception

It's certainly interesting to hear that McMahon had serious doubts about producing a documentary around himself. But it's fair to say he was wrong on this one. 

Fans absolutely love to see the curtain pulled back on WWE and it will no doubt be exciting to see just how Vince grew his empire to become one of the most famous businessmen in the world. 

To top it all off, the documentary is being produced by Netflix - so you just know it's going to be good. We can't wait! 

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